Best Ice Fishing Line

Ice fishing line is a different breed than your summer angling line. You need durability; the line will be rubbing against jagged ice and ice shelter hole edges. You also need line that will not freeze stiff, but will remain soft and flexible even when coated with freezing water and ice. Just like with everything …

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Best Ice Fishing Lures

We see it all the time: You have the best ice fishing flasher that money can buy, and you have found the fish. But you can’t get those guys to bite your hook. How do you make sure that your lure is irresistible for the fish? It’s the lure. When you ice fish, you typically …

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Best Winter Gloves

Gloves just might be the most underrated part of a winter wardrobe.  When the temperature drops below freezing, it is important to have a good pair of winter gloves to keep your hands warm and protected.  Cold fingers not only begin a chain reaction of your body feeling chilled, but when your fingers are too …

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Best Stand-Up Paddleboards


Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is a popular and growing sport that’s really matured over the last few years, and it is expected to grow at about an 8-10% clip to become even more and more popular.  Based on the paddling statistics we monitor, it is the fastest-growing paddling category. Relatively quickly, paddleboards are a main …

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Kid-Friendly Fishing

teach a kid to fish

Fishing with children is an amazing way of spending time outdoors. If done correctly, introducing a kid to fishing helps you bond and have a wonderful time together.  Not to mention, you will begin to instill an appreciation for the outdoors in the child. However, if you are not an avid fisherman (or fisherwoman) yourself, …

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Best Ice Drill Bits

The typical ice fishing excursion used to involve one of two methods for cutting through the ice: A manual auger, which worked well as long as the ice was 12 inches or less, or a gas-powered drill, which had lots of power but also brought fumes and required plenty of maintenance. The good thing is …

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