Finding Tide Pools

Shore acres oregon

When our kids were young, we would actively seek out tidal pools wherever we were. Tide pools were a safe and interesting way for the family to view sea life, without spending a bunch of money on snorkeling or excursions. Tide pools can be some of the most exciting natural areas to find, and the …

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Hiking Timber Gulch in Oregon

timber gulch

Timber Gulch is a hidden gem nestled in the heart of the Cascade Mountains, located near the charming town of Bend in central Oregon. The hike begins at the main trailhead, which is easily accessible from Skyliner Road. As you set foot on the trail, you’ll be enveloped by the scent of pine, the soothing …

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Best Men’s Fanny Pack

When you are active outdoors, carrying a fanny pack is one of the best ways to keep your hands free. There’s just no need for a bulky backpack or messenger bag, especially if you’re going out for a while. Carrying around a fanny pack is a convenient, safe, and practical way to store and easily …

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Visiting Tongass National Forest


Alaska should be on the bucket list of every outdoor adventurer.  While Denali tends to get lots of the tourism press, Tongass National Forest is an underrated gem in close proximity to Juneau, Alaska’s beautiful and remote capital city. Tongass National Forest is the largest national forest in the United States and covers over 16.7 …

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Camelbak vs. Yeti vs. Hydro Flask Bottles

The market for water bottles, tumblers, and flasks has exploded in recent years, and the quality of products has taken a big step forward.  The days of plain, plastic water bottles are going away.  Instead, high-quality, BPA-free, insulated bottles are becoming the new norm.  These are bottles that, if cared for properly, will last you …

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Types of Camping

Camping is taking on new importance as travel becomes more complicated and people focus on recreation while being socially-distanced. State parks and hiking trails are reporting big growth in visitors, and with hiking and the outdoors comes camping. As people increase their enthusiasm around camping, it is important to note one important thing:  While any …

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How to Find Hiking Trails Near Me

Are you itching to get out on a good, scenic hike, but not sure where to go?  No worries, we can help. Thanks to the world of the internet, avid hikers and state parks have made websites and apps detailing hiking trails in surrounding areas. These sites are helpful because they outline where to go, …

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How to Start Mountain Biking

mountain biking basics

Mountain biking evokes images of fit people tackling rugged terrain, while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.  It is true — mountain biking is a great way to get your workouts surrounded by nature.  Contrary to its name, mountain biking is done in every area imaginable, and even some areas that are totally flat and quite urban. …

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