Microsoft Azure Training Library

Working with the cloud has grown exponentially, and enterprises are choosing to operate their businesses in this way more than ever. Cloud Academy is enabling teams to access vital resources and education to equip the workforce with comprehensive cloud training for new professionals, novices, and those looking to expand their skill set. The Microsoft Azure Training Library is the database for learning paths, courses, quizzes, and labs, with training provided by field experts to educate IT professionals and give them the confidence they need to learn Microsoft Azure and improve their skills.

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Getting Started with Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is an emerging market leader and one we want to help you get up to speed with. Our Microsoft Azure Training Library is a portion of our training platform that is experiencing exponential growth. Whether you are looking to study for an Azure Certification or simply want to find out more about what this vendor can offer your enterprise, we have curated an initial content selection to get you excited about Azure.

Azure Certifications

Is your enterprise looking to get certified with Azure? Make sure no stone goes unturned by preparing with our comprehensive Learning Paths, designed to give you and your team a head start on the road to becoming Azure certified. Train on Azure and improve your skills with our professional learning paths. From configuring Azure infrastructure for cloud administrators to integrating Azure services for cloud architects, these Learning Paths prepare you with the knowledge and experience you need to pass Azure certification exams.

Recently Added

We continually produce new Azure-based content and update our existing content to ensure that it is aligned with the periodic changes that Microsoft makes to the Azure platform. Here you can always find a selection of our latest Azure content, so check back regularly to stay up to date!

Featured Microsoft Azure Labs

Gain the hands-on experience that you need to succeed in using Microsoft Azure with our Azure Labs. The labs listed below are a sample of some of our most popular Azure labs to give you the real-time and applied training you need to push yourself to the next level. You can find all of our labs in the Microsoft Azure Labs Library.

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