The Ushering Ministry is defined by its functions. An Usher is a Servant, Priest, Minister, Assistant, Aide, Doorkeeper, Gatekeeper etc. Further than this, the Usher must become what is desired of him / her. Indeed, also known as the ministry of helps (Acts. 6: 1 -7) the Usher ministers to the congregation.

Members of the Ushering Department are expected to meet and greet members of the congregation as they come into the church. Beyond that, they are responsible for ushering members of the congregation to designated areas and seats. They are expected to be alert and strategically placed around the aisles during church services to ensure that they attend to the needs of the congregation (such as provision of information) effectively and efficiently with very minimal

disruption to the service.

The Usher maintains order, takes attendance, and ensuring that every need of the congregation is met. It is thus expected that he / she must be faithful, available, teachable, timely, thoughtful, tactful and a team player.